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I got there at 5:20 for the 7 am open. Was 30th in line and by 7:00 there was over 100. Doors opened at 7:05 and it was 8:10 before I got up to the front of the line. Probably would have been better to schedule the grand opening not on boxing day, the new staff were very slow (can't blame them). I wasn't able to pick up the 480gb vertex3 as they were gone after about 15 people. I was hoping for some good swag or an appearance by Linus or Esther but no go. The cashes didn't speed up as I was shopping at the nearby shops and by 10 there was still 100 people waiting to get in - as they weren't allowing anyone to go in and browse.

Very happy to finally have ncix here, a great Christmas present!
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