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Personally I'd choose this over a physX card....

But I only have one PCI slot open, so sound card it is :)

These companies are shooting themselves in the FOOT. Here's how a meeting of a board of directors goes:

Ignorant Executive 1: "Let's launch a product aimed at the enthusiast with more money than brains

Ignorant Executive 2: "Great idea Cletus, but everything from CPUs to video cards has already been covered.... Why we even have high end 'gaming' sound cards"

Ignorant Executive 1: "Oh sh*t. Well what the hell can we possibly market to people with too much money?"

Ignorant Executive 2: "How about hard drives... WITH WINDOWS"

Ignorant Executive 1: "Everyone has windows on their hard drive. Why do you think they call it a monopoly"

Ignorant Executive 2: Not THAT kind of Windows (TM ). I mean like plexiglass windows!

Ignorant Executive 1: ......That's already been done. Western Digital went down that path.

Ignorant Executive 2: Wait.... here it is.... A NETWORK CARD!

Ignorant Executive 1: "Why, that's ingenious! Why bother eliminating the internet as a bottleneck? It's more less expensive for us to manufacture large pieces of metal on network cards than a genuinely useful piece of hardware"

Ignorant Executive 2: "You're right on. Nevermind that wireless is the future... Remember that even though this is just a network card, we have lots of high end planning to do. What sort of network card should it be?"

Ignorant Executive 1: "Well I heard of this PCI Express thing, but I'm pretty sure that the express part is optional"

Ignorant Executive 2: "You're right. Our target market is gamers with high end systems and money to blow. They have *lots* of PCI slots that won't be filled with important things like sound cards and TV tuners"

Ignorant Executive 1: "Let's get this baby to market. It's gonna be KILLER"

Ignorant Executive 2: "You're onto something! No one will want to buy a NIC when they could have a KILLER NIC"

Ignorant Executive 1: Gentlemen (note right now that there are only actually two executives present including the speaker. This should accurately reflect the intelligence of Exec1) we have our product.
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