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My System Specs


Originally Posted by alexanderhuzar View Post
Toronto, Montreal, Calgary and Vancouver should be the first places to get it. Winnipeg? A bunch of Ukrainians live there... I'm Ukrainian and I can say that most Ukes don't know much about computers. They're mostly programmers, but can't tell the RAM from the HDD.
Well it's always good when you are in Montreal and want to purchase $1500 worth of components, to buy from Ontario or BC or any other province, you save $112 on the PST :D

I was told by a few online stores that a lot of their business comes from Quebec customers. The saving of the dreaded PST is a good incentive, because for that extra hundred dollar you save you can buy a better graphic card or other components. With all the components I purchased through the years I managed to save nearly $500 on the PST alone. What a ripoff, you pay high taxes and get less and less !
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