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My System Specs


Originally Posted by Caldezar View Post
Hmmm... that Gigabyte might do the trick. Keep me posted once you get it set up. And if you could attempt HD content through it, I'd appreciate it.

Good to know about the APU. I'm tossing up what I want to do for a case. One thought is to make an NES box since I might use it as an emulator anyway. But since that's been done a LOT, I've also considered building it in to an old Intellivision shell which allows for a lot more room to play. Final thought would be to build it in to a custom built R2. But you get the idea...

I like the remote, but my wife and I have iPhones. This is one of the reasons I've actually been considering the Boxee software, since I can download the Boxee remote.
There's nothing stopping you from grabbing a cheap paygo android phone for strictly in-home wifi connectivity. I've now got two smartphones one of which is strictly for in home wifi use as a remote and/or mp3 player, and the other will probably never see data other than over wifi.

edit: as far as HD playback goes... I'll have to do some research to come up with an appropriate file to test with. :)
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