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Originally Posted by XNine View Post
You only live once. Why not buy stuff that makes you happy and that in the end you can be proud of, ya know? This is by far the best mass-production case on the market for water cooling, hands down. Though, they did take several queue's from NZXT (fan mounting, filter mounting, drive cage, ssd mounts), I feel that they have one hell of a case.

So, if you're thinking about it, think long and hard, and in the end, if this is what would make you happy, then go for it!
Exactly. If you want THIS case...only this case will do. From personal experience nothing with be as good as 'it' (not matter what 'it' is) and it will bug you for a long time if you dont go for it. Seriously whatever case you opt for instead...will never be good enough as the idea of the 'one that got away'. Plus phankets is good kit. So its not like you are taking a risk on some no name!
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