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Originally Posted by sf101 View Post
Just got 250$ Via xmas gift Via Envelope with Instructions to spend it not save. I'm looking so hard @ this case right now lol. only problem is if I buy the case I will need to buy Entirely new tubing - Rez - Pump and Fittings in order to do the case justice and make it presentable as it should be.

Perhaps even would need to rethink my Rad situation with this much Expandability .. I could swear I get OCD about stuff like this once I start I'd prob end up with new CPU block and everything to go with it.

Right now I have a P280 with rad's externally mounted and a Dual Bay Rez with it all sitting down hidden beside my desk Functional but not very nice to look on at all.

Sigh what to do what to do.
You only live once. Why not buy stuff that makes you happy and that in the end you can be proud of, ya know? This is by far the best mass-production case on the market for water cooling, hands down. Though, they did take several queue's from NZXT (fan mounting, filter mounting, drive cage, ssd mounts), I feel that they have one hell of a case.

So, if you're thinking about it, think long and hard, and in the end, if this is what would make you happy, then go for it!
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