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Default A new HTPC... Opinions and suggestions

So the situation is that I'm looking to build a new HTPC to replace cable AND my WDTV Live. I want to get a US VPN, and sign up for an American Netflix and Hulu Plus account. Then I'll drop Telus like a bad hat, and stick entirely to streamed or downloaded content.

I'm thinking about an APU build with no discreet graphics. This will be used for streaming content ONLY. Any local content I will be running will be on a NAS unit, so I'll likely build it with a 32 or 64GB SSD. I'm just wondering if anyone has opinions on what APU to go with for HD content, as I've never worked with one. I'd also like to know what I need to look at for cooling. I want to get creative with the case, but I need to know if it's a heat/power hog? Can I run iTX in a tiny case with minimal power and passive cooling?

Finally, I'm looking at software options. I'm pretty sure XBMC is going to be my best option, but I'm considering other options. Whatever option I choose, I'd like it to be something that opens my up to alternative input options. If I can get away with a Windows Media remote or other input options other than keyboard and mouse, I'd be really happy.

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