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Originally Posted by frontier204 View Post
I guess you were ing during the whole build like I am now? It's not about the boxing day deals (because you trade deals for frustration if it's out of stock), but just how many things don't seem right with the build.
  • A single stick of RAM but a water cooled CPU? I guess he will overclock only to smash into a memory bottleneck while turning the texture / object detail higher?
  • PSU that doesn't do well with transients: Thermaltake SMART 730 W Review | techPowerUp
  • You don't need nearly that many fans unless you like fan noise (saying this as I fold / coin mine on a 660Ti and OC'd 2500K with 120mm intake, 120mm exhaust, and 20cm exhaust at 800-1200 RPM)
  • +all the stuff moocow said
Oh well...

Lol your preaching to the choir, I actually tried several times to find him a 2500K because that was my build a few years back and you can OC that to like 4.7 with barely any cooling. The single stick of ram LOL trust me I know hahahah and don't even get me started on the Power supply, do you know how hard it was to do with cable management with that sucker!!!!

anyways it is what it is I am about to do a $5000+ build in January and trust me you guys will appreciate the parts aesthetics and build log I'm going to put up for this dual 780Ti's WC's custom acrylic tubing and sleeving the works so definitely stay tuned for that one ;)

This was just something to do for a friends friend LOL

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