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I wouldn't go with this set up at all. If he want a cheap build, just get an AMD APU and be done with it. Is the client going to game with the machine or just use it for office stuff? My following comments / rants:

1. FX-4300 doesn't seem to be any faster than A10-5800K and it doesn't even come with an internal GPU and only $10 cheaper on NCIX.
2. Used OCZ SSD is just asking for trouble especially now that they are bankrupted.
3. Watercooling on a FX-4300 seem like a bit of a waste.
4. I wouldn't use a Thermaltake PSU unless it's confirmed to be made by a reliable OEM.
5. The case seem a bit underwhelming in terms of cooling. I would pick something with at least 2 fans up front.
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