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Default leak somewhere?

I've had my rig under water for more than a year now. i recently had to RMA my mobo and decided to do some change in the layout and upgrade some parts. My old setup used XSPC cpu block, chromed copper pipes, EK universal GPU block, 1 x 360 rad and 1 x 240 rad. I recently added koolance full WC block for my 7970 and also the new XSPC tube res.

I think my loop is leaking somewhere as i loose around 1-2 mm of coolant in the res every 2 days. the system would start off quiet but after 15 mins i could hear cavitation going in the pump. I've scrutinized all connections and would swear that i dont see any leaks. i've leaked tested it for 24hrs and have the system running for 5 days now.

my pump is on the floor of the case with the res directly above it and is near the top of the case; i should have enough head and also any air pocket should work it's way up to the res.

any thoughts on this?

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