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My System Specs


Originally Posted by Dzzope View Post
Usage for work? Res for games?

Both are overkill / on the money depending on the usage.

1000W PSU is plenty for any 2 card system (maybe 7990 excluded) Running dual 780's oc'd and I don't think the fan even comes on on my xfx (Seasonic built) 1000W Platinum (got it on sale, was looking for 850 - 900w gold)
I'm a software developer for a living and play games in the evening. I'm totally okay looking at a 1000-1200 PSU for sure. I'll look for one of those shortly.

Motherboards are overkill as are processors as is the ram as is the GPU, PSU etc etc....
I like the full motherboard/cpu waterblock that Bitspower and EK have for the impact. Which 2011 board is comparable to the new IBE optimized Rampage? I'm open to looking but skeptical that another board will pull my attention with features / price especially when it comes to sound and waterblock availablity.

CPU's I got through Intel Retail Edge, 4770k - $150 4930K - $230
Ram I want to be able to cool using 2 4dimm blocks so want 8 dimms = 32gb minimum

Look at Gskill for ram, usually get higher speed and tighter timings than Caorasir for about the same price and they do good kit.
Totally willing to look at this also although it'll make me have to rethink my ram blocks as the ones I was looking at were bolt ons for dominator

I see no HDD's or SSD's listed.
I've got a 240gb SSD and a 2tb drive for each rig already but might change those up a bit. Might think of one of the new WD SSD/HDD combo for the mitx build.

Usage will allow the best advice.. Also if your going for a certain look. Quiet? max oc? etc.
I like for my builds to be nice on the eyes, going to be doing rigid tubing on both of these buids and I do want them to be quite, I will OC but not going for a record or anything.

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