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My System Specs


Originally Posted by Bond007 View Post
Overall can't say anything bad about the builds...the only thing I can say is that there is potentially some money to be saved in a couple spots if you would like. The motherboards are great, but there are other options that will give you pretty pretty much the same features for less. 2nd: do you require 16/32gb ram? if so its good to go, if not they could likely be dropped down to 8 and 16gb respectively (up to you if you need it). 3rd: You could go for a 1000-1200w PSU with the components on rig 2, vice the 1500 without issue IMO.
Those are some areas I was looking at for sure.

The Ram I could drop to 8gb and use my Vengence 1600 (i have a 4x4 kit here) which is probably whats going to happen.

the 32gb I want mostly because 8x4 is the smallet I can go and I plan to WC the ram using 2 x 4 dimm blocks so kinda stuck there.

Motherboards I'm pretty set on I like the features of the 2011 board and the full block they've made for the impact that does the CPU and motherboard all at once.

PSU I am really not set on for sure, I know 1500w is way overkill there so I'll probably check out some other options.
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