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Heya S G


Sorry misterlarry no pics.......I'm in a 'work-like-a-dog-to-pay-for-expensive-hobby' mode while I get the next parts in.Nothing's really been done but planning.


I have talked to the people @ Foster.
one 40 Lb kit of Foster 82-77 cryogenic adhesive=about $1000 shipped.

Stupid f#$%^&^$# minimum quantities....hehe

The guy I talked to however had a chat with his technical crew , and they suggested I might try making my own , and told me how !!

4 parts epoxy to 9 parts fine silica sand by weight.The idea of this being to get the co-efficient of expansion of the epoxy as close to the glass as possible , thus preventing the 'shear' that will unglue it.

For the 12 bux it would cost me to try , I might give it a shot , but I don't need to .........

I've done more digging and found many more products to choose from , with acceptable minimums .

As far as I know I can use any one of the following products :

Armstrong A-12
Eccobond 285
Slycast 2850

You can find all of these at Ellsworth adhesives

There's also This !!

Just in case I want to run liquid helium ..


I'm going to wait on hearing back from PPG/Desoto , because from what they have hinted at , is that they are actually testing the pr1665's Iso resistance for me.

Supermicro X11DPi-NT:2x Xeon Gold 6144's:Lots more other stuff.Dual 4k monitor video .