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I cant see why not. BUT dont have one in front of me and Im just going off recollection here - so dont take this as gospel.

What I do know is that for peeps who are hardcore gamers I usually set a monitor to its 'game' mode, turn down the brightness and then run the Spyer calibrator on it. It spits out an ICC and I have it set to load on start-up. Colors are accurate and OverDrive and the such are set to full on "fun mode".

Will it be as good for photo editing and the such? No. Will most people notice the difference? No. Use the ICC for gaming...and turn it off when using adobeRGB/ sRGB mode (depending on your needs). This is as fast and painless as right clicking on my spyder program and selecting from the drop down list.

YMMV and like I said I dont have one in front of me to be 100% sure on the try before you buy.
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