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Gotcha. Ok, if you dont own a 30" right now - and have a 'good enough' monitor to tide you over. I personally would wait. I usually dont say "wait" but "buy now and enjoy there is always something better on the horizon". This is the exception to that rule. This coming year should see BIG changes come about.

G-Sync has the potential to change the gaming landscape. PLS is also making great strides on color fidelity and gets better with every gen....and 4K monitors may shake things up as well. Lots of options that may result in a paradigm shift...or not.

IF you have to buy now. Couple things that only you can decide on:

1) Do you need 10bit color fidelity or would 8bit 'do'. IE would PLS be good enough for you. PLS is good kit and if you game more than do say photo editing it is a good option. It has its own issues...but PLS is good balanced between TN and IPS.

2) Do you like 3D? Do you have enough horse power to consistently hit 120-144 frames per second @ 1080P? If so Asus make some good monitors. I own one and while I am not always in the mood for is cheaper than a 1600P monitor and can be a blast. BUT it is a big step down in color fidelity and resolution.

3) Can you afford two monitors. Sometimes expecting one monitor to not feasible. Sometimes it takes two monitors. One for work and certain games and others for play (games that are 'better' at 120+fps or 3D).

Hope that helps
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