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I understand where you are coming from. Some people prefer TN to IPS for gaming. Its a tired argument and there is no 'right' answer. Both have their pros and cons for gaming. Plenty of reviewers consider speed more important than color depth and wrongly let their bias sway their opinion. I am the opposite and prefer IPS over TN, but do not let my bias sway my opinion. This is why I own both technologies and use both. I praise or damn both depending on how a review unit reacts - not on a prejudiced opinion I may have formed before even turning on the monitor for the first time.

I stand by my review as it is my personal opinion based on a sample size of one. However, with that being said I put our sample through many...many hours of game testing. More than what I usually do. Dell had to pry it away from my hands....and well past the usual return time I get with them. I still think I made the wrong decision over sending it back instead of buying the sample unit.

Look I know this is going to be a radical concept (one that will probably greatly annoy you as much as it did me when I 'discovered' it many years ago)...but when you change the mode you are using on any monitor the colors can and usually do change. May sound strange but it is the way they usually work. All use their 'photoshop' mode (changes from mfg'er to mfg'er) as their color correct mode. Thus all the monitor does not leave the factory until it is perfect in THAT mode, even if it impacts the other modes accuracy. Water is wet, sky is blue...etc etc. Might as well complain about the weather - but it can be annoying if you dont know this before hand.

Dell's also sometimes come with "Smart Video Enhance" default to ON. Sometimes the mode you are in can also change this setting. Turn it off. Fixes 90% of color issues with latest UltraSharps as it changes the colors in realtime to make them more 'appealing'. I think its a terrible idea, but since it takes two seconds to fix its not a deal breaker.

The other 10% of cases is a simple fix. You dont even need a colorimeter to adjust the colors. Use a program like Hex2Bit. Will not give you as accurate a result...but since you are opposed to spending 99 bucks for a proper tool for your thousand dollar monitor (and get multiple IC profiles to switch between) the results it will give should be good enough for games.

In the mean time you have my condolences and I hope you are happy with whatever monitor you did end up buying. At the end of the day that is all that really matters: personal satisfaction with any new toy.
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