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Originally Posted by AkG View Post
Thank you for your input. Just one question...have you used this monitor for any extended period of time or just simply regurgitating things you have heard from 3rd parties?

In either case lets break it down.

IPS Glow: over-rated and happens on MVA, TN, IPS, PLS and every other backlit LCD monitor. Try gaming in more normal lighting conditions if it is a concern. For the record our sample had very...very little backlight bleed. As you can see from our pictures taken in a 100% dark room. The last gen U30...yes it was bad. Our sample of this gen...not so much. Much MUCH better than my Asus 27 144mhz 'gaming' monitor.

20ms: Nonsense. This unit has multiple modes meant for multiple roles. Gaming mode it is much...much lower. Maybe you are mistaking input lag for shear MS 'speed'? Either case this one is very decent for a monitor of this size and class. YMMV but the lag was not noticeable...something that some TN monitors I have reviewed recently can not claim.

inaccurate colors: there is this device called a colorimeter, maybe you have heard of it? Great investment. Highly recommend it. Considering the cost of this unit and its intended role...I doubt most owners of it do not own a colorimeter or are adverse to spending 99 dollars for one.

So why do I like it for games: rich, deep color pallet that no TN can match. Good response rate for a 60Hz monitor, great anti-glare screen. This monitor can do a lot of things better than PLS or TN. You can use it for work and then use it for play. When I want to play games 9 out 10 times I reach for my U2713 instead of my Asus 1080P '3D' monitor. But no one monitor will be right for everyone. Do your own homework, see it in person and then make a decision.

For RJB:
Sorry mate but I dont know of any coupons off the top of my head. Every time I even start thinking about this wallet threatens me with gross bodily harm :P

Ohh boy. Let me start of by saying yes! I actually had this monitor for 2 months before I send it back for a refund and thank the lord almighty I got my money back. Have you EVER played games like Amnesia? Games where it actually is dark and you need the dark in order to get a good experience while playing? I don't think you have. Those pictures taken in the review shows the color dept and it's a beautiful picture don't get me wrong but I would love to see some pictures how severe the IPS glow is - in dark games

After I read this review I didn't listen to other sites saying it was so bad. I got convinced by all the glorious words you used and how impressed you was but unfortunately I ended up being very disappointed in the end.

Have you even see other sites review on U3014? ALL (those with some decent credibility) says this monitor is bad for gaming. The game mode as i mentioned when selected uses VERY incarnate and dull colors. Try and see for yourself? Its a stated prof and you cannot get around with this. I started out with A02 version and ended up with A03 - Was actually the very first who got it(check Dell's forum etc) and still it was a bad monitor for gaming. I can give you an example:

Try launch Diablo 3 and look in your auction house tab. Look on the yellow items. Now try switch to Game Mode and see how incarnate and dull the yellow color now is :(

So before you praise that this monitor is the absolute best and whatsoever please for the love of god..Test it out properly before saying stuff that isn't true. Don't believe? I can link the first 5 pages where people / sites says the very same thing. Your(this site) is the only one who praise it lol.

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