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My System Specs


Yes the stock cooler does a pretty good job on the core but I wonder if other components (e,g, VRM's) would benefit from more cooling which is why these "open" designs achieve better overclocks. Anyway these cards are ridiculously powerful when oc'd , hard to believe they are so much faster than the titan.

Originally Posted by rjbarker View Post
Not a fan of these Aftermarket Coolers that do not exhaust hot air outside the case, perhaps for single Cards not a big deal, but for multi cards I've read a number of complaints with regards to Evga's ACX Coolers running in SLi over at Evga Forums.
As for OC'ing the Evga SC Cards in comparison, yes I hit a wall at +75mv with +160 Mhz Core / +250 Mhz Memory, but overall still OC's very well.

One thing that really jumps out when you look at the Graphs is how quickly the Titan got pushed to the bottom of the barrel as far as raw speed and Framerates go !!!!
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