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I am playing steamworld dig, and it is a 2d collectothon and having fun so far. To answer your question the genre did actualy die for awhile, I think DK64 was actually blamed for causing the fall. While not out yet A Hat in Time - Quirky 3D Platformer! is comming out next year. It was a kickstarter that wanted 35k and raised 300k. It describes it self as a 3D collect-a-thon platformer in the spirit of the classic Nintendo 64 titles you know and love!. Lobodestroyo is a kickstarter that is not funded yet though it looks like it will get there. Lobodestroyo - Rareware inspired 3D Action Platformer Game by James Guy ? Kickstarter.

I would follow those games as they are the only games that are exactly what you asked for.

Psychonauts has platforming and collecting in it. It is an incredible game and I think you would definitely enjoy it.
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