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My System Specs


And it worked stable, till I decided to tickle it a bit with overclocking of the R9100... :(

The overclock was not that bad:

It can do 293 for the GPU, but I backed it down to around 290, same for the rams, around 248MHz it can do. That make it clear, why these rams had to run at 200MHz, because they cannot take the normal 250MHz reference design clock, not with any caps.
Hence I cannot match the XT version (300/300 vs 290/248), but at lest some overclocking is possible. It would be interesting to know, if adding more caps on the empty spaces (there is space for DAMN much caps!) could help to reach faster speeds. I was kinda hoped for the 300MHz mark, but I got burned shy 7MHz of it...

However I have saved previous max. stable O/C results and they are:
250/200 - to 265/248 ;)
Now it is:
250/200 - to 290/248 ;)

So nothing can help the rams, but the GPU is overclockable better with better caps. Yet the main catch is, that the board started to crash and hang after post again :( Therefore I did not managed to fix it yet :(
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