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My System Specs

Default Eurocom Panther 5D

So I was looking at a review at Tom's Hardware, they decided to review a laptop that's supposedly puts to shame any desktop. I thought they were bluffing but I was wrong... Eurocom a Ottawa based company (I thought it was European... I mean Euro is in the word) created something called the Panther 5D, which is basically the Soviet Union equivalent of a laptop. The laptop draws around 660 W of power, so it requires 2 POWER ADAPTERS TO RUN IT! The battery itself only lasts 1 hour tops.

Eurocom called it the mobile Supercomputer and well.. it pretty much is...

It's can be a:
  • 17.3 120Hz 1080p screen that has 3D NVIDIA Tech in it.
  • Can run a SLI NVIDIA Geforce 780M
  • Can go up to an Intel-i7 4960X 3.6 GHz
  • 32 GB of DDR3 1600 MHz
  • Can have 4x 960 GB Crucial SSD in it
Starting price is 3500$.... Holy jez it's expensive but I'm honestly blown away someone decided to pack in all of this in a laptop form.
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