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Originally Posted by great_big_abyss View Post
How often do you render video? How important is it to you?
CPU: Core i5 4670K or 4770K
Mobo: Any mid-range variant from ASUS or MSI: MSI Z87-GD65.
GPU: GTX770 - either from ASUS or MSI. ASUS probably has the best quality heatsink in their DirectCuII
PSU: something from Corsair, Antec or Seasonic. A 600-700W powersupply would suffice.
Keyboard: Totally up to you. Think you'll like mechanical switches? Look for something from Corsair such as the K70. More a fan of the silent rubber-dome switches? Logitech G19 would be a good choice.
Thanks for the quick reply

I do video render one or twice a year so it's not that important.

TBH, I never checked MSI motherboard... I heard a lot of horror story about it. I'll take a look on it.
I guess that I will check the Corsair AX760 (I really want silent mode when needed). Do you know any cheaper PSU that has that feature?
Yeah I was looking on GTX 770 too

Now let's hunt for sale bundle :D

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