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Default Help me complete my rig

Hi everyone,

Long time lurker here. I need your help to complete my system.

Kept that faithful system for nearly 5 years now. I think for me to change.
My system current system is :
Cpu : Intel C2D @ 3.8ghz
HSF : True-120 + Scythe S-Flex SFF21-F
Mobo : Asus P5Q-deluxe
RAM : Dirt cheap value 4gig DDR2 Memory
GPU : Asus 4850 1gb
Storage : OCZ Vertex II 64gb
Storage : Maxtor 500gb 7200 RPM
Storage : 3X Seagate 2tb green drive
Storage : 1X Hitachi 4TB green drive

Used to be hardcore WoW player. Not a big fan of online FPS. I usually play solo on FPS game.
Did some video rendering 5-7 times After FX. Took two hours to render and compress 5 minutes hd video was really painfull.
As you can see I use my system as file server too.
I'm not a fanboy. Although, I'm really really hyped on upcoming AMD Kaveri Apu
I intend to keep my HSF solution and maybe go dual fan. I already ordered the retention VX MBK II for my true-120. So it will be good for Intel and AMD.
I also intend to keep my monitors ,mouse, mouse, speaker, all the storage beside the maxtor drive.

I plan to o/c my system (if I really need it)

I didn't search for similar situation for the simple reason that other forums are located in USA and not Canada
Since I wait this long to start a new rig, I can wait a bit longer but I would like to get a functional system latest feb 2014.

I have dual monitor setup but I only play on a single @1080p. I never play on AA. I never play on max everything but really would too :\ I can accept to play on integrated GPU (or use my 4850) for few months to avoid buy a rebadged previous gen GPU.

I would like to get an efficient and relatively silent rig. I can accept the fact that the rig can be noisy while playing. But I would like to be silent while surfing the web or doing light office development. There's two feature I absolutely want. At least 8 internal sata port and USB 3. (10 sata port would be amazing)
I really like the feature from the Corsair AX860 / AX760 that turn on the fan only when it needed and how effcient they are.
I'm not interest on specific feature beside efficiency and silence.
I really would like to keep my system for at least 2 years. A mobo that would let me upgrade cpu/apu in two years would be really great.
I don't plan to go SLI or Crossfire (edit : might consider to go Crossfire if HSA is really that great)

Regarding the budget : let's say that there's no limit but I like to get the best bang for the buck. For example, I was about to buy an Corsair ax860 PSU few days ago (even I know that it's way too much for my need) because it was in sale on MemoryExpress @150$ instead of 220$. It was cheap, ultra efficient and silent.
I live Montreal, Québec... Canada

I already have few parts from black friday and cybermonday. So help me pick a decision regarding the missing parts.

Next rig
Cpu : ???
HSF : True-120 + Scythe S-Flex SFF21-F
Mobo : ???
RAM : G.SKILL Trident X Series 8GB (2 x 4GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 2400
GPU : ???
CASE : Fractal Design R4
PSU : ???
Storage : Toshiba Q Series Pro 256GB
Storage : OCZ Vertex II 64gb
Storage : 3X Seagate 2tb green drive
Storage : 1X Hitachi 4TB green drive
Keyboard : ???

Many thanks in advance

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