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Default MM Revised & Improved

One or two members might recall that the original incarnation of this case occurred after I backed my truck over my P190 case. After that, I got my hands on a used MM Horizon case, and threw everything together as fast as possible, just wanting to use the damn system. It was good, but wasn't up to my standards of silence.

So... I gave the old 3870X2 the boot, replaced it with a GTX280, replaced the front panel with a MM Duality panel, which let me add a second PA120.3 rad, and basically done a somewhat cleaner job of organizing the guts. Also gone is the single Swiftech rad/res that was handling chipset duties, and generally being a pain in the ass everytime I want to remove the sidepanel that it was mounted to. The dual rad at the back is now handling the chipset (yes, overkill). Also significant was me popping open the PSU, and fixing things so that the fan wasn't vibrating against the internals. I was too lazy to take any under construction photos, but here's the finished product.
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At this point, much happier with the system. All the 120mm fans are running down at about 600-700rpm, making them close to inaudible, although the sheer number of them means I can still hear them if I try really hard. The twin 200mm fans up top are similar. According to Antec specs, low speed comes in at 400rpm (800 @ high), but they refuse to spin at 5V, so unless I start screwing with resistors, that's as good as they're going to get.
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