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My System Specs


Thank you! Bios was reseted (in fact, despite my repairs and new battery, this mainboard lose bios settings and time every time it is pulled off the electricity for longer that 2 min or so), yet like as I write, it will need reinstall. Again. Sigh.

But I have a backup before GFX card install, so it should be much easier now :)

However at the cursed PCI mode, I did played for 2h 30min... and... no crash.
I did not want to claim something, but... it does not crashed and I can even do printscreens! (never been able to do this before for a loooong time)

So, maybe this will be a good start.

I would like to mention one more thing. The desoldering, the left mosfet (the 1.50V one) gate did crash up, opening the package a bit when desoldering. It might be, that I was too harsh on the poor old Nikos mosfet, but... I do the same with the previous one and the legs stays and nothing cracks.
To me it looked like a structural failure... but I could be wrong. Yet if I'm right, then it would explain easily the crashing problem - once heat up, problems become... Let's see, if this will be stable, finally. I got tired and a bit having a headache from all the gaming now, so... Enough for today! :D

Vishay mosfets - yea! 175C max. working temperature - that is ownage! :)
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