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Originally Posted by Squeetard View Post
Yah, I played this game a year ago. i recall the forums swamped with angry people. I got mine from Steam and had no issues. Just the people with disks.

I also recall getting stuck in the ice room too, can't remember how though. Google 'bioshock walkthrough' and you'll get help.
lol so much for actually PAYING software - It makes me so angry that companies talk about piracy and when you actually encourage them by buying their decent games, they **** you up !

Oh well, the game cost me $25 at FS was on special. It's the retail version, and I don't think it's a securom issue as I have used other securom titles in the past no issues at all - I have many UbiSoft titles which use SecuRom - And people having issues with the protection are usually startup problems - My game starts, and I can play for a while.

This will be my last 2k games purchase ;) Since apparently this is a known problem and 2K is ignoring its customers left and right with the same bullshit "check your pagefile", they think that all their customers are dumb.

Other than that, BIOSHOCK PC is ridden with bugs and scripting glitches. I can't believe how that game passed QC! The first scripting bug is at the beginning of the first level where you need to locate a Dr. in surgery room KILL the MF and take his keys. Well if you follow him and kill him in the water sometimes his body disappears and you are STUCK because you cannot get his damn key - you need to start over and kill him away from the water. There are tons of other glitches like that - it's too bad because the graphics are amazing !
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