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Originally Posted by Oversized Rooster View Post
I have a VelociRaptor on the way. I'm using a 150GB Raptor right now and I'd be interested ot do some benchmarking on my own machine. :)

The VelociRaptor IS expensive but I think I got the best deal that I could have. NCIX is selling it for $300 (as of July 28) but I've price-matched with Anitec ($290). Add $10 express shipping and 5% GST and it came to around $315.
Ordered one as well yesterday from NCIX, been watching the price since it's release but I am tired of waiting to see if it will drop further, also snagged a 500gb seagate for another machine for 72$. Looking forward to checking it out, not having owned the 150gb version.
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