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Default Scatology's PowerMac G5 mod.

Hi guys! :wave:

So yah... I like Apple and I'm on macs since a year and a half BUT I'm not an apple fanboy... I just like some of their products. I'm really open-minded and I appreciate everything. I've always been addict to computers hardware since 12-13 years and I miss it since I "swiched" to macs. I always LOVE the G5/Mac pro cases so here I am with a cool project!

I grabbed a Powermac G5 case. I'll make a mATX conversion. :P It will be for a NAS setup. The NAS will be just for file sharing. The theme will be black/gray/silver.

The config:

-AMD sempron 145
-Gigabyte 78LMT-USB3 REV 5.0
-Corsair XMS3 2GB
-Corsair CX430m
-May be 2x2TB WD RED hard drive


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