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Default Hmmmm... ATTN: HD48XX owners.

I have my 4850 on watercooling now. Got the core at 1.28 volts. Stable at 740/1050mhz.

Thing is, the benchmarks are just not scaling at all with the upped core speed. I am getting like a 3-5% increase on my benches across the board with an 18% jump in core. It actually falls flat after 680mhz. Very little gain.

Am I CPU bound? Q6600@3.6.

I've benched Mass Effect, Bioshock, CoD4, Crysis and Lost Coast. Lost Coast should not be cpu bound.

I'm starting to think these cards are memory bound. as 3-5% is all I've been able to overclock the GDDR3. This would explain the boost in the 4870 too.

Time to volt mod the VDIMM and up the memory clocks.
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