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My System Specs


Bronze - Gold Tournament hosted by Z33k

Everyone in bronze-gold should join this tournament! We'll be streaming games and winner gets Masters Coaching to help you get out of Bronze/Silver/Gold :) Don't feel intimidated to join, it is just a fun tournament and you've got nothing to lose!

Date: Saturday November 30th at 3:00PM PST
Players: 32 Players
Leagues: Gold, Silver, Bronze
Type: Single Elimination
Prizes: Coaching from Masters Player (Provided by Team .SCA)
Stream: Click here for stream

After checking in on z33k, join the Group Chat by searching for the group Real Hardware Reviews. Find you opponent in chat and start playing.

Map Pool:
(2)Bel'Shit Vestige LE
(2)Derelict Watcher TE
(2)Polar Night LE
(2)Star Station TE
(2)Yeonsu LE
(4)Alterzim Stronghold TE
(4)Frost LE

Match Schedule:
Round ========== Best of ==========Map
Round of 32========== 1 ========== Bel'Shire Vestige LE
Round of 16========== 1 ========== Polar Night LE
Round of 8 ========== 3 ========== Star Station TE
Round of 4 ========== 3 ========== Frost LE
Round of 2 ========== 5 ========== Derelict Watcher TE

In bo3 or higher matches, loser picks the next map and players are allowed to veto one map per matchup. Announce veto at start of matchup.

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