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My System Specs


Because it is fun and interesting experiement, if I can make it working. It also helped find a bug in CPU-Z, make me realize that lack of CPU support in bios could mean, that AXP at 1100MHz could be SLOWER that just Athlon at 900MHz (with half the L2 cache, lol):
HWbot wPrime bug? Athlon faster that AXP! -
...and in genereal I hope that I can make the FSB 133MHz working, when the WR is 118MHz: Christian Ney`s Reference Clock score: 118.01 MHz with a MS-6340

All in all, it is IMHO better that just trash the thing away for being too obsolete (witch it is, no doubt about it). Now I can hope that someone help me to modify the bios and I get AXP running pretty well in this. Also, there is the 33MHz FSB bug, witch can be exploited to make 12h+ Prime HW bot runs (ATM the longest 32M run was 8h, but I change the multiplier on my Duron and try get to the 12h :D :) ).

Why not? What is the harm in doing so?

I replaced the remaining 4 SMD 10uF caps with a 22uF SMD ceramics ( JMK316AB7226MLHT ) and the two 47uF 16V SMD caps with 47uF 16V SMD Nichicon polymers ( PCG1C470MCL1GS ) ...
...and added the missing JP9 jumper! Soldered it right it... :D
Now what is JP9 jumper on MSI 6340 you might ask? Open = 100MHz, Closed = 133MHz says PCB. But in reality it mostly did not even post and when it do, then it is still 100MHz FSB ... Gotta try different rams and bios settings (relaxed) to higher FSB :) Old school fun!
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