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Default I think the video card is dead

So my brother came to me with an unusual problem with his PC. It's an older one just used to surf, email, etc., sort of like the public pc at his place.

Athlon x2 5000+
Diamond Radeon 6850

The problem is that the card only displays a black screen for all resolutions except for 640x480. I know this for sure since the card displays the boot tests, bios, win xp safe mode with no issues.

So at this point, I've tried:

- removing the device from device manager in safe mode, this allows me to get back to normal win xp desktop.
- changing the resolution to anything higher than 640x480 at this point results in the black screen.
- I've also tried to boot Ubuntu live mode off a usb, the same problem happens as soon as it gets to a point where monitor resolution is changed to something higher than 640x480.
- after all that I dug out my old radeon 4850 and installed it, windows and ubuntu all boot up to the correct resolutions with no problems.

My best guess at this point is that something failed in the video card but it's not a catastrophic failure. Any ideas on what else I can try before I advise my brother to just buy another card?

Edit: I forgot to mention that I had also tried 2 other PSUs. They all work with the 4850 but the 6850 exhibits the same symptoms.

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