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I built my 1st one the week OSX came out and put it in the Kitchen (iMac style) so everyone could try it. About 6 months later I purchased from Apple online a new late 2009 Mini running SL using the education discount which was 100$ off at the time. Although we have no lack of computer around here, the Mac was for me but my kids used it a lot for iMovie mostly for school projects and Garage Bands.

Recently I was shopping for a new Laptop for my daughter's 18th birthday ... what happened to all the netbooks, they seem to be extinct Anyways looking at these 600 to 1400$ laptops running Windows 8 was just not going to happen. I started looking at the Macbook Air 13.3", what a nice machine! I purchased at the Apple store since Bestbuy had no stock and Apple price matched Bestbuy and got it for 999$.

I used to think I was saving $$$ but in the end its nice to own such beautiful hardware. That touchpad is awesome and the speed with the Haswell cpu and new ssd is great. So in the end she is happy with her computer for school and me well ... I am typing this on an old Dell Latitude D630 that I just resurrected today with a fresh install of Linux Mint 15 XFCE.
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