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My System Specs


Quick report - after recapping the Radeon R9100, I put it into my MSI PM8M3-V mobo and at first it show ram errors (heartbreaking, after so much work and so many polymers and added caps...) on the screen, so I have to pull it off and check.
Fortunately, I managed to find the bit of tin, that ended up on one of the bottom ram chips and after cleaning - hoooray, all works like a charm!

Immediatelly the card go into AGP 4x mode (!) and despite being TAD slower that PNY 6800GT, the system feels notably faster. That is, because, PCI mode DO SUXX BADLY. Therefore it is getting almost sure that the mainboard was NOT for the blame. The bad caps are in the GFX card(s), witch I indent to fix, of course.

Now is time for a clean win install and then I do more testing - mainly the play testing and longetivity under serious load. Then I might be inclined to see, if I can overclock the card a bit, despite the poor speed to start with :)

The lesson from all this is too early to draw, but there are only 3 caps on the PNY 6800GT, that are not ceramic: two Chemicon polymers 330uF 16V d10 SMD and one 100uF 16V d6.3 SMD Nichicon UD with 3.4V on it + some empty spaces, but that it is.

Since I was getting about 71C on the VRM mosfets ( View image: temperatures after 30min ) with just the ATI tool cube in small window, then I suspect these Chemicon polymer caps are up to the blame.

Of course the cooling of these mosfets is poor, but that was unchanged since day one and the card worked well for me before, so...
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