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My System Specs


Originally Posted by muse108dc View Post
But what really surprises me is people complaining about a gaming console not doing not gaming stuff, my TV does most of that stuff already so I sort of miss the point.of doubling up on it.
Not sure what TV you have, but on my Sony, the "smart" features built in a incredibly slow and clunky to use. And regardless, it still means "switching" inputs to use.

Again, it seems like the XB1 will aggregate everything into a single output. Whether or not this holds true is yet to be seen. To me, being able to watch cable TV, stream a movie, and then pickup a game all without leaving the same interface is what I've been looking for since the days of Media Center PCs. HTPCs do all this but it isn't as seamless as it could be.

I still haven't hopped on PSN yet, maybe tomorrow. I did activate the 30 day trial of PS Plus though but it seems like it'll auto-charge me when it expires unless I cancel as it required me to enter my credit card. I think I'll subscribe for a year (mainly for the "free" games) and decide next year whether to continue or not.

And really, I would say "subscriptions" do exist on PC too. Maybe not directly, but surely indirectly. You have to buy new hardware, maintain the OS/software, usually you end up having to buy DLCs/Season Passes, etc. I suspect very few of us on here go without doing SOMETHING to our PCs at least once a year, costing well over $60
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