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Honestly if your racing and using a gamepad your doing it wrong and in the past the PS3 has had better support for 3rd party wheels.

As for the "full package" it really surprised me that not only was mp3 left out at launch but also DLNA support, just as that stuff seems so basic. But what really surprises me is people complaining about a gaming console not doing not gaming stuff, my TV does most of that stuff already so I sort of miss the point.of doubling up on it. Quick question though, from my perspective as a PC gamer it seemed to me like Sony had the better game line up in the previous gen.

As for these subscriptions for being able to play your games online, they will always blow my mind as a PC gamer, as draconian as some of the attempts at DRM on our games have been if Steam/Valve/EA had attempted that.....
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