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My System Specs


I looked around the OS yesterday, and really couldn't find anything to it. There doesn't seem to be much outside of gaming. Sure, there's a web browser and Netflix, but my TV already does that. Granted I don't have the camera accessory, so that leaves Playroom out entirely. Game streaming (or watching people play games) has never interested me. Likewise the whole "getting help from your friends" doesn't interest me either, what's the point of having your friend finish the mission for you?

I did download Resogun though, simple yet challenging game.

And it seems the reports of hardware failures are increasing. Some claim the workers of Foxconn sabotaged units due to poor working conditions (wouldn't blame them), other's claim is due to plugging in the power before the HDMI (which I did). So far no issues here...

I think my thoughts were correct in that I'll likely use the XBOX One far more than the PS4. We'll see once it arrives on Friday (hopefully!). If all of MS's PR is accurate, it seems like a far more cohesive console, making itself the primary device plugged into your TV. I don't feel like the PS4 is going to be my "go to" device.

...but anyways, I solve console wars by buying them all PC will always be my preferred choice though!
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