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Welcome to the forums :)

What resolution is your monitor?

I can't say i'd really recommend two HD 4870s due to the lacking vRAM unless you are only doing 1680x1050.
And if you are only doing 1680x1050, why bother with CF/SLi & all the associated hassles when a single card would do fine.

There is no such thing as future proof when it comes to video cards.
Buy a good one now, & sell it & get another when the new one you want comes out.

I'd likely suggest a GTX 280 if you are doing 1920x1200+, as i never recommend CF/SLI for many reasons.

DFI OCing mobo without heavy OCing = unncessary, & likely overly frustrating for you.
They are great mobos, but not for the n00bs.
Love to tweak things in the bios for days on days?
Get a DFI.
Don't want to do that?
Don't get a DFI.

That's a gross oversimplification, but i see way too many n00bs complaining about their uber high end DFIs since they have no clue what they are doing.

Get an Asus P5Q Deluxe or P5Q-E.
Those will handle easy n00b friendly OCing or a lot more advanced if you so desire without as many headaches.

DDR2-1066 is overclocking RAM...for no OCing, just get some good value DDR2-800, seriously.
DDR2-1000 Redlines on sale would be more than fine, OCing or not.

And yes, 640 GB WD or 640 GB Seagate ftw...they use the newer design of only two platters.
Faster, quieter, less power draw.
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