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Default PS4 - Thoughts? Comments?

So I got my PS4 today (my first PlayStation ever) and right after I plugged it in, I began questioning their design choices. The buttons and slot-load disc drive didn't strike me as intuitive at all. I actually struggled to turn the system on the first time and to put in Killzone. The buttons are way too thin and offer no tactile feedback, only hapatic feedback if you touch it in the proper place. Likewise, the slot for the disc drive is recessed in the blackness of the gap that runs across the front of the console. I feel as though it should of been lighted or done in a non-black colour to help identify where it is. I just kept pushing the disc in around the console until it went in.

Likewise the whole on-screen menu setup doesn't seem too friendly either, however from what I gather, PS3 was basically the same. It also seems to largely revolve around Facebook too, which I don't have or use.

That being said, the 1.50 firmware update went really fast, actually about a minute after plugging it in and booting it up it was ready to install. The installation was a bit slow, but that's to be expected I suppose.

The LED light bar on the top of the console seems like it could be annoying for some. It glows orange constantly when powered off (guess it's in standby actually), and white when it's powered on. It seems to only be blue when it's booting up. The light on the controller too is annoying (especially with a fairly reflective TV while playing a dark part of Killzone), I can see the green/red light reflection in my TV.

The console design as a whole seems very "old". Angular front/back? Why? I struggled to blindly plug in my HDMI cable due to the overhangs in the back. I can't see this design looking "good" in 5-10yr for its expected lifespan. Already it looks out of place with any other HT device.

The controller itself feels better than I expected. Never liked PS controllers in the past, this one is usable. The touchpad/swipe actions seem like a gimmick, but perhaps other games will use it better.

The graphics in Killzone look pretty good actually. I would put it somewhere between Crysis 2 and 3 on the PC graphically, primarily missing out on the AA to smooth out everything. Frame rate seems solid, haven't noticed any hiccups. The install of Killzone only took about a minute and it downloaded the update in the background while I played SP.

Since it's in my TV cabinet/bench thing, it did get pretty hot and quite noisy (after an hour of playing), on par with the original design XBOX360. I'll definitely need to keep the fans in my cabinet running while playing that I put in for the 360.

Anyways, I haven't done anything beyond playing Killzone on it thus far. Probably mess around with it some more tomorrow and see what the OS features all are.

Did anyone else get a PS4 today? If so, what are your thoughts on it?
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