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My System Specs


I managed to replace the last remaining capacitor on the MSI PM8M3-V mobo - the 10uF d4 SMD suxxka, that have kinda horrible ESR or 3.2 Ohms:

...with a new SMD tantal-polymer KEMET 220uF 2.5V capacitor T520B227M2R5ATE015

...with have ESR around 0.015 Ohms :D

That should be a huge improve. Also I, out of the desperation, resoldered a bit the drain tops of there NIKOS mosfets near the AGP slot.

And result?


So it looks like that the mainboard was not up to the blame the whole damn time. It is the videocard that have to be recapped.

The Radeon R9100 was crashing when new SoF2 level is loading. Given that it run passively cooled on Licon caps:

...with 60 mOhms ESR one should not wonder. Rest of the caps looks quite similar, so recapping is in order, just waiting for the caps (as usual).

The PNY 6800 GT failed after a short time to run in AGP mode, going down to PCI mode and crashing after some gaming is played. Now that is serious problem, because there are just THERE caps, two of them polymers on the voltage input filter and they are Chemicon polymers.
Last one is unknown 100uF SMD cap and that it is for other that ceramic caps! I would be inclined to add some caps in the blank spots too, probably something over 100uF SMD... and I would also like to create a custom effecient heatsink for the mosfets on the card, because they do overheat a lot - GPU VRM temp 71C: View image: temperatures after 30min

Should I try recap these graphic cards before I try replacing the NIKOS mosfets? :confused:
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