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Originally Posted by vinister View Post
Im' sorry squee, you're just wrong here man.

Straight through the tubing? And where does that go? To more equal resistance blocks. There is no 'path out' through the tubing. There is no exit out the bottom. The only way in is at the top left. The entire left side is 'high pressure'. The only way out is at the top right, making the entire right side 'low pressure'. The only way the water can go from the high pressure side to the low pressure side is through 3 equal blocks, there is no tubing connecting them. There is no 'easier path'.

Be the water... you go into the left half. You are thinking, I am smart, why waste my time going through blocks when there is tubing straight ahead. So you keep going until you get to the bottom, where there is a plug. So now what? There are 3 doors out, the 3 blocks. All 3 are equal resistance. Now you think, I'm already at the bottom, it MUST be easier to go through the bottom block. But not all the water is 'at' the bottom yet. Since you stopped, all the water drops lined up behind you stopped as well, as if they had hit a 'plug'. Pressure builds because you are all being pushed on, and the only ways out have resistance. An equal number of you will go through each door, because you are all being pushed on by the same force.

Think of yourself in a lineup of people. You are all ushered into a hallway. The hallway has 3 doors out, which can fit only one person at a time. You all go in there and people at the input are still pushing, cramming you in harder and harder. Eventually you will have to start going through doors. Do you think you'll all get pushed out the last door? No way! people near the first door will say 'I'm outta here', and take off, same with the 2nd and third doors. As long as the pressure in the hallway is pushing harder than the flow will allow, an equal number of people will come through each door.

I don't know how many ways I can explain this - I think you may be one of the few people that won't be able to understand this no matter how anyone puts it.

I have built it and proved it. Build one and prove me wrong!
In a way; you guys are all correct actually. When fluid is pushed through the set up originally it will shoot right through to the bottom card and only partly saturate the first two; but here's where Vinister becomes correct - once fluid hits the end card the pressure which forces out in all directions equally will fill up the first two cards; once the system is primed and full of fluid and the pumps are working all three cards receive equal cooling as the pressure in the tube will syphon and pull push the fluid equally through all three cards. It's not as if once full the fluid in the waterblocks just sits there not moving while the fluid in the tubes flies by, the pressure from the fluid moving past all three blocks equally pulls and circulates the fluid through all three video cards. It is a great set up and looks beautiful; good job!
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