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I guess I have nothing but polycarbonate here......heheh....been dabbing Iso on stuff for an hour with no luck.

Anyways , Acrylic a.k.a. polymethyl methacrylate , doesn't 'melt' when exposed to alcohols.The alcohol actually destroys the chemical bonds of the acrylic , causing it to completely shatter , albeit very slowly.1 drop of pure Iso inside an acrylic container is all it takes.It starts with a nearly instant spiderweb of small cracks , followed by ever increasing cracking....until it's a pile of rubble.


Thanks for all the input everyone !!

Cheers !


At this point , even tho I still have not heard back from the companies in question , I'm pretty confident I have the 'sealant' issue aced.....I just need confirmation , then I'll pull the trigger and order it.


My last big issue is the pump.

I went to a couple of my local scrapyards today , but was unable to find pipe of any kind , that was the correct diameter for my pump building efforts.....

This leads me to the only commercial solution I can think of :

A Gasoline /Diesel /fuel oil pump.Like the kind that fills vehicles with fuel at a gas station......

I'm pretty sure that from a mechanical standpoint , it'll handle the cold (with minor modification) and since it pumps gas , the bearings , seals , etc are probably already compatible with Iso....


I have a line on a thermometer for the cold stuff.We'll see if it pans out.

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