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Default GTX670 TriSLi to R9 290 xfire watercooled

As the old saying goes "out with the old, in with the new" time again. The damn upgrade bug bit me hard and I went back to Red camp again. I probably could have waited for Maxwell, but thats another 6 months at least. Given the value of what AMD came out with, it was hard to pass up. Yes, the 780Ti is king for single GPU again, but I'm not only getting one, I'm getting two!

And since 3 complaints that are against the R9 290 with heat, noise, and power, I can rectify 2 of those issues. As for power, I have enough and I don't really worry about electricity bills.

They finally arrived today!

Hard to find these suckers now. I made sure I could get these with the cards or it was no deal to upgrade

Neat looking cooler, but does it ever suck. I think its a melted down HD5870 shroud and fan which would explain things

Time to start strippin!

No more nickel plated for this guy. Learned my lesson no matter how much they tell me they fixed the issue.

Ready to go

One down, One to go.

Both done and ready for install

Time to disconnect the tubes from the rads, and pull the case out to remove the GTX670's

My external cooling setup, makes it nice and quiet since it lined out the other side of the room.

Bye bye, you have served me well

R9 290's installed

Had to use black sleeved 8 pin connectors as I only had blue 6 pin

All in its glowing glory

So far with the little time I have had with these cards have impressed me beyond my expectations. I really walk on pins and needles with AMD drivers as I suffered the dreaded grey screen of death on the HD5800 series line, cold bug on the HD5970 and thats when I went back to Green. Not to say green didn't have their own issues with drivers from time to time, it was never as bad as AMD.
Again I am impressed with the beta drivers so far and look forward to maybe more performance in the coming months. I have seen a few having issues with drivers and black screen on BF4 but so far I have been lucky.
I'm just starting to stretch its legs with overclocking and I maybe near the limit, but until Afterburner comes out with a new (or is it out already?) version to have full support for the 290 series.
I have so far reached 1.1Ghz (from 947Mhz) GPU and 3000Mhz (from 2500Mhz) Mem stable from my testing. Now keep this in mind that this is without throttling like it does on air.

Noise - 0db
Temps - default Idle 30c
Load 37c

1100/1300 Idle 31c
Load 42c

AMD what where you thinking with this OEM cooling?
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