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My System Specs


Not sure I struggled. Having said that it depended what card the 8900 ran on. A 660 may take 8 hrs for 25000 credit. It may run on a 680 for 34000 credit in 4.5 hrs. Right now I have a 7810 WU running at 19000 credit ETA 1 hr 27 min and TPF of 1 min 08 sec that's 239549 PPD if it stayed like this. Wow just dropped to 115000 PPD and 1.54 min for TPF. They really fluctuate depending on the WU. MInd you the 7647 cpu WU I have right now is 1/2 done and says 10 more hrs to go for 20000 credit. Maybe should just shut those cores down...

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