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My System Specs


Just to give you an idea my gtx660 stock is getting about 70K PPD on 7811 WU.
I haven't seen a 8900 WU in days now. All I have been getting is 7810, 7811
CPU is getting 10147, 6364 and 7647 WU's .
I am seeing TPF's as low as 54 sec on some of those GPU WU's, very few are over 2 mins.
Most of the credits are between 9800 and 20000. Whereas on the 8900's I saw 35000 credit, but they took longer to complete. I think these WU's have boosted my PPD production by 100K.
All core 17, set to expert and beta flagged.

EDIT: I should also mention the gpu's are running cooler as well maybe 5-10 degrees on these
7810, 7811 WU's.

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