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Och, that... I did not quite got it. I was under the impression that you choosen this one - lol. That would be a pretty bad, maybe even fatal choice. But the link to the Vishhay table was priceless, as there are MANY very good and interesting mosfets. And the Vishay SUD50N02-06P seems to be the best choice with almost identical the critical parameters, while with better resistance it will generate less heat and in general, have a higher reserve of possible delivered power.

a fast unit problem is the package TDFN
Interesting controler, but I have no idea, where you are going by this way? So far, the mosfet controller are fine, the regulation works and what I set in bios, that voltage get out to the AGP...? It is not stable when the card go into 3D mode (or even AGP mode) and start to draw more power, but that is the reason I blame the capacitor there for being unsupportive to the voltage regulation...
No idea what your point should be.

The only inderesting thing was this from the PDF:
the minimum power dissipation occurs where the resistive losses equal the switching losses. Choose a low-side MOSFET that has the lowest possible on-resistance
...and that is exactly what I do. 50mOhms is horrible, 6mOhms sounds much better, altrought at given voltage it will be close to 12 or 14mOhms (20V = 6mOhms, 4.5V = 9.5mOhms, 3.3V = 12, maybe 14mOhms?), it still will be tad better that what I use currently. So if the capacitor exchage did not help (there is IMHO not big chance that this won't help, as the mobo was used to run at AGP 4x with weaker Radeon R9100 card, so no reason that this should not be the cap issue), then next is the mosfet exchange :)
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