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Originally Posted by Mibs View Post
5 A on the 12V? Wow. You can get some pretty cheap dual cores right now. That old P4 just won't perform like you want it to even if it is OC'ed to 3.5 GHz. What kind of cooler is on it? 3.5 with the stock cooler in an old cicero case with probably one 80mm fan seems kind of unreachable. I've had a few of those pcs myself. One collects dust and the other is an old linux box. Also what kind of ram is it? DDR or DDR2? That makes a big difference as well.
and ya i can get a
AMD Athlon 64 X2 5000+ Dual Core Processor Socket AM2 2.6GHZ Retail Black Box No HSF Unlocked

for $87
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