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My System Specs


Originally Posted by FreqE1 View Post
I measured my 1200 and if you fill 2 drive bays you are left with 17" of verticle space and Swiftec's site says the MCR320 is 15.9" from tip to tip. Width wise no problem.

I've never water cooled (not yet anyway) so I don't know how you would mount it in there or how easy it would be but I'm sure it could be done.

The included fans are Antec Tri-Cools. Cranked up they move some air and supposedly aren't too bad for static pressure. They are supposed to die faster than a lot of other fans though. My experience with them has been short so I don't know how long they last. I replaced mine with Sythes and Noctuas.

If you want to PM me I'd be willing to mail you the LEDs out of mine because the first thing I did to the Tri-Cools while I used them was cut out the LEDs on most of them. I believe you could wire 3 in series and run them off a molex connector. If you make a few of these 3 LED strings in series then hook them up in parallel you can run them all off the same molex. DIY lighting!

Hope I helped a bit, LMK if you want the LEDs (free of course).
Nice thanks man, ya as long as there is room in the front then it should fit (I will make it!! lol)

Originally Posted by reaverclan View Post
i would put the rad on the top like frosty did

he's using a dual rad isnt he? Im using a tripple rad which will not fit up top unless mounted externally which I dont want to do. thanks though
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