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I'm not sure if people realize but even my 7970 @ 1290 core/1950 mem with my cpu @ 4.8 ghz mem @ 2666 mhz 11-13-11 i run into situations where i cant run games at ultra everything with above 120 fps @ 1080 p.

So i really really don't get where all this not needing better than 770 or 280x videocard for 1080p is coming from.

You don't need 1440 p in order to make use of a 780gtx-780ti or 290-290x especially when this next year of games comes out i mean heck most of the games we are playing are still stuck on DX9 and taxing current gen cards my current setup is proof of this.

I like running everything maxed eye candy now if 1440p monitor prices drop they may become main stream and all the better. Until then its still nice to know you can max eye candy and maintain 120 fps solidly even if its only 1080 p.
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