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Originally Posted by ontariotl View Post
Getting a twitchy finger on the add to cart for two R9 290 and two EK waterblocks right now. Time to retire tri-sli GTX670 FTW in surround gaming....very tempting.

It's the drivers that scare me from going back to Red. I'm glad to see the microstutter in xfire is non existent in the R9 series. Its just xfire updates with games that I have a main concern with their drivers.
NVIDIA SLI hasn't been doing so hot either the past year. So many games come broken when it comes to SLI, and NVIDIA has been putting little effort into developer relations to ensure smooth launches.

It seems the more popular multi-GPU configurations get, the worse support becomes. This comes at a time when multi-GPU is more necessary than ever. Single card setups just don't offer enough power above 1080p.
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